Rogers Mulindwa wants DNA to be done at 6 months to avoid disappointments

July 3, 2023

National Resistance Movement (NRM) spokesperson Rogers Mulindwa has revealed that he would prefer to have DNA done at 6 months once the child is born to avoid disappointments.

There has been trending talks around the country rotating around DNA. Several stories have been run on different Media houses.

Men disappointed after finding out the children they claim to be theirs when they are actually not theirs.

There is even a trending video on social media of a man who allegedly fell off the building after taking his children for DNA and turning out negative.

According to Rogers Mulindwa, all these disappointments can easily be avoided in future when the kids are old and men already spent a lot on them.

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He said men who don’t trust their women should consinder doing DNA at just six months after the baby is born.

By that time, not so much has been spent on the child even the bond between the baby and father is not yet stronger like the old ones.

“The talk of DNA tests is now all over the place. Women these days give men children that aren’t theirs. I would propose that these DNA tests be done at 6 months to avoid discouraging the family,” Rogers Mulindwa said.

It should be noted that Abitex is one of the celebrities who has revealed that eight out of nine of his children were ruled out after DNA test.