Unmasking The Babe Who Won The Virgin, Joel Ssenyonyi’s Heart – ALL DETAILS

We can authoritatively say that People Power spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi is not a virgin anymore!

Yesterday, the former NTV walked down the aisle with unidentified babe who he decided to keep her names as a secret.

Routineblast.com has done its best, investigated and brought you all the details about the babe who won the heart of the virgin Joel.

The babe is called Febress Nagawa Ssenyonyi of the Enkima clan, one of the biggest clans in Buganda.

She works as an accountant with the Insurance Brokerage firm Padre-pio.

With lockdown boredom, Ssenyonyi realized he was missing a lot after feasting on the forbidden fruit and decided to make it official.




His wedding came as a surprise since he did not do meetings.

A photo and few words on his socials; Behold, Mr. & Mrs. Ssenyonyi hit sent many slay queens into comma.


Close sources say, the scientific reception took place at Hotel Africana in Kampala in the company of few People Power diehards, family and close friends.

Congratulations Joel, we wish you a safe bonk!

Check pics of the few guests that attended Ssenyonyi’s wedding reception: