Uganda to the world! Fik Fameica blesses Rango Tenge Tenge with an iPhone 14

February 3, 2024

Uganda is going to the world as famous tiktoker Rango Tenge Tenge is blessed with an iPhone 14 by Fik Fameica.

Rango Tenge Tenge has been trending on tiktok getting people’s attention. His looks have been part of his content because he is very unique.

According to his manager, so many people are willing to work with him but he has the problem with a phone and camera.

He had requested fans to hit Tenge Tenge an iPhone so that he can keep feeding them with the best content.

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Singer Fik Fameica has said he was so happy that Tenge Tenge managed to do an advert for his concert.

The concert worked out so well for him and as an appreciation he decided to gift him with an iPhone so that he can take his talent to the next level.

“Fik shows appreciation to Rango “tenge tenge” for helping him promote his recent concert by giving him an iPhone 14 🥰,”

It should be noted that Rango Tenge Tenge is just 11 years of age but he is already making money like the educated people.