Tuff B blames TikTok for giving room for mediocre music

March 27, 2023

Tuff B

Singer and media personality Tuff B has blamed social media platform TikTok for giving room for mediocre music.

Tuff B has been singing for so many years and he has at the same been working in the media for some time.

Being in this position, Tuff B has seen so many changes in the industries and he has seen some artistes rise and fall to fame.

Before there wasn’t social media and music was hard to reach people especially those far from towns. But at the moment people are getting music off social media.

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Different people have been complaining that these social media platforms are promoting the poorest kind of music.

Artistes have been saying good quality of music is not going viral like it should be but the poor quality music with funny lyrics is making rounds and outcompeting the good one.

According to Tuff B, Ugandans need to regulate through the type of music they want if they love the music industry of Uganda.

He said they should stop promoting bad quality music because Ugandan is competing with different countries like Nigeria in the music industry.

“I am not happy with TikTok especially here in Uganda. It is busy giving room to mediocre kind of music yet we have good quality here in Uganda. You find a song trending with the worst production and the lyrics itself is not good. I think it is on us Ugandans to regulate what we want so that we compete well with other countries,” Tuff B said

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