I was Paid And Promised Visa To Act – Sammie Manini Speaks Out On Trending Video

March 25, 2023
Sammie Manini with a journalist from DW

Sammie Manini with a journalist from DW

Yesterday, a video of social media sensation, Sammie Manini confessing to be gay and working on his male clients in a one-bedroomed house leaked on social media.

The documentary was shot by a German broadcast house, DW. After going viral, today, Sammie Manini showed off his child and denied being gay.

He clarified that he was approached by a journalist from DW in 2016, promised money and visa to act.

Sammie Manini with a journalist from DW

Read Sammie Manini’s statement below:

FINAL CLARIFICATION AND APOLOGY. 1/4… In 2016, I was approached by this lady Journalist who works with DW TV,a German based TV and requested to act and be recorded in a documentary upon several promises & I was paid to act whatever you saw in the video. She went ahead and voiced it without my knowledge. I regrettably admit that I was paid to be recorded saying whatever I said though it wasn’t real. I only did this for money because of the unfavorable financial conditions I was in at the time… I want to request all of you to. To forgive me about Homophobic statements recently published here & I am going to make sure such mistakes don’t happen again. Lastly I gave up on those illegitimate ways of getting money & I AM NOT GAY, I HAVE NEVER BEEN GAY & I DON’T INTEND TO BE GAY. My advice to anyone out there trying to look for VISAS in an inappropriate manner like I did when I was promised a better life in Germany,Please stay away from it as there is always a regrettable end. Thank you all, Don’t fall a victim to their tricks like I did. Peace

Sammie Manini

However some netizens have trashed Sammie’s story and insists he is a Musiyazi, retrieving his 2019 post advertising his massage and happy ending services.