Cephco Threatens To Release Tapes As Jowie Dumps Him For New Guy

January 9, 2023
Cephco and Jowie (L), Jowie with new guy

Cephco and Jowie (L), Jowie with new guy

TikToker, Ismael Sefulo aka Cephco has given Jowie an ultimatum to return to him or release the mother of all tapes.

Cephco and Jowie’s relationship has been on and off, but seems this time around she decided to move on. At first Jowie tried to fight Yvonne Nakankaka in bid to win Cephco and somehow won.

Within weeks, the confused Cephco rekindled relationship with Nakankaka leaving Jowie looking like a fool. With no option, she had to stay with her in the same house with Cephco and Nakankaka.

Yvonne Kankaka (L), Cephco (M) Jowie (R)

This forced her friend Fifi to pick her from Cephco’s house to save her from humiliation.

With all this drama, TikTokers have been plotting for her and finally unidentified guy managed to sway her off her feet.

In the photos accessed by Routineblast, Jowie can be seen posing happily with another guy a sign that she has moved on.

Jowie with new guy

After being released from jail in June 2022, Cephco accused Sheikh Umar of plotting his arrest to snatch Jowie from him.

In October, Cephco was arrested again and remanded to Luzira prison and this gave the guy a chance to close in on Jowie.

After being released from jail, Cephco threatened to release a mother of all tapes.