The Babe At The Centre Of Don Solo, Zahara Totto’s Verbal War Is Married | SEE PICTURES

August 12, 2020

Since last weekend, South Sundanese national, Tony Taban Suleman aka Don Solo and former lover, Zahara Totto have been exchanging nasty words.

Don Solo decided to dump the NBS TV ‘UnCut’ gossip queen and moved in with Rwandan city man eater, Mutesi Annet aka Queen Ann.

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But our snoops have unearthed secret info and found out that Mutesi Annet aka Queen Ann is a married woman.

Queen Ann is the official wife to former city tycoon, Michael Lyadda aka Lyadollar.

Michael Lyadda with Queen aAnn at their introduction ceremony

Around 2006, Michael Lyadda used to cruise monster Escalade with customized number polate “LYADDA”.

Lyadda used to stay in the US but was arrested in 2012 in Los Angeles on charges of drug trafficking and defrauding 10m US Dollars.

Check photos of Lyadda and Queen Ann Below: