Tanasha Donna Shares Pictures Of Her Grown Up Son, Nasseb Junior – The Kid Resembles Diamond Platnumz – SEE PICS

May 23, 2020

Tanasha and Diamond with, a young Naseeb Junior

Diamond Platnumz is not planning on venturing into any new relationship; and as far he is concerned, he is a single man with 4 children in East Africa.

After Tiffah was born many women couldn’t help but congratulate him for the beautiful daughter; and just before we got used to Tiffah, baby Nillan arrived! His arrival however came with a few issues here and there as fans felt that he looked more like Ivan.

With time the online community learnt that he was indeed Diamond’s son but at this time, Hamisa Mobetto was already expecting Dylan who is just a few months younger than Nillan Dangote.




Looking at all the children baring Diamond Platnumz genes, we can easily tell that the Bongo fella has good genes; and the only reason his old girlfriends refused to give him children is because he was broke!

His new made money has brought a glow no one could see 10 years ago and for some reason there are women who claim they can’t have have a child with the singer because of his behavior!

However, this might just change thanks to a photo shared by Tanasha Donna showing how big baby NJ is becoming. So far he is getting his mum’s brown skin tone, good hair, chubby cheeks and most of all his brown eyes!




Baby Nasseb Junior

As seen in the comment section fans can’t believe handsome this baby boy is; not forgetting to question how Diamond Platnumz could let this fine lady out of her sight when he had already secured her!

Of course it took Tanasha’s genes to make the baby too and in this case; Diamond should have gifted this 23 year old lady with a V8 instead of sending her back home empty handed!

Indeed a relationship failed but at the end of the day the lovely parents continue to co parent with no issues whatsoever!