Tamale Mirundi Brutal Verdict On Lwasa

August 29, 2021
Tamale Mirindi and Lwasa

Tamale Mirindi and Lwasa

Tamale Mirundi is not happy with Masaka tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi following infamous video showing off his tiny carrot.

In the video, Lwasa is seen relaxing on bed jumpstarting his ‘kathing’ as he patiently waited to pounce on his prey.

Since the video leaked, Lwasa has maintained that he was not the one claiming that the video was tampered with to tarnish his name.

However, former Presidential Press Secretary and seasoned analyst, Tamale Mirundi Snr believes it’s Lwasa who appeared in the video.

An angry Mirundi who comes from the same district with the flamboyant tycoon, said Lwasa has ashamed men because he allowed a woman to record a video of him while ‘Adam’.

Tamale Mirundi

He went ahead and warned Lwasa to relax pimple-sized wielding carrot and stop disrespecting women.

Tamale Mirundi also said that if it is confirmed that the videos were not doctored as Lwasa claims, he deserves to rot in jail.

Recently, CID spokesperson, Twiine Charles revealed that they opened investigations and if they find the tycoon leaked the videos, he will face courts of law.

A section of netizens from Masaka have also disowned Lwasa and asked well wishers from other districts to take him.

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