CHEII AMULIDDE! Fuming Tamale Mirundi Hunting Don Zella For Mercilessly Chewing His Favorite Son, Junior | PICTURES

January 24, 2021

Tamale Mirundi Junior kissing Don Zella in studios

Political analyst and former presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi must be regretting why he publicly discouraged his son, Tamale Mirundi Junior from dating singer, Sheebah Karungi.

The latest we have, Tamale Mirundi Junior has been cornered by serial man-eater and a mother of three, Nalongo Sheila Don Zella.

Don Zella who parted ways with singer, Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye has finally secured herself a toy boy in Tamale Mirundi Junior and the pair are publicly moving together and showing off in public.

Our snoops managed to track them and smoked them out kissing while in Dembe FM studios, a sign that Tamale Mirundi Junior has been mercilessly eaten by Don Zella.

Tamale Mirundi Junior kissing Don Zella in studios

Most ladies, have resorted to dating young guys to quench their sexual desire. Bad Black has been boasting of getting herself Asha, who she says they are related but can’t let go because he gives her good sex.

Since partying ways with Big Eye, Don Zella has tried to dated guys but they chew her and leave.

We are still digging deep into Tamale Mirundi Junior’s motive behind dating Don Zella. Netizens have started speculating that he is after securing American citizenship.

Tamale Mirundi holding his hammer

From the way Tamale Mirundi Senior was talking when his son, Junior was linked with Sheebah, Don Zella is finished! I repeat she is finished!.

Check Pictures of Tamale Mirundi Junior with Don Zella below: