Reasons why Parliament hasn’t paid Hon Ssegirinya’s hospital bills revealed

August 23, 2023

Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad

The Parliament of Uganda has revealed reasons why they haven’t paid Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad’s hospital bills.

This was said by the deputy speaker of Parliament Hon Thomas Tayebwa during yesterday’s Parliamentary seating.

Kawempe North Member of Parliament Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad hasn’t been feeling sick for some time. It started when he had just joined Parliament.

It got worse when he went to jail because he couldn’t get good treatment. Now that he was released, he has tried to go abroad to see if he can get better treatment.

Although Hon Ssegirinya is in the Netherlands getting treatment, he has been complaining about the bills saying they are piling up and he has money.

Government needs to be paying for him the bills but they haven’t and people have been wondering why why.

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According to deputy speaker Hon Thomas Tayebwa, they are supposed to receive a statement from Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad showing that he is sick.

But they haven’t received anything, they are only seeing it in the media on TikTok that he is in the hospital. That is the reason his bills haven’t been footed by Parliament.

Hon Thomas Tayebwa said if that receive the documents needed they will process and make sure the member of Parliament Ssegirinya Muhammad gets fine.

“As Parliament, we don’t know anything about Hon Ssegirinya Muhammad’s sickness and treatment. As speaker of Parliament, I heard about his sickness through TikTok nothing else. In order for Parliament to pay the bills we need official documents unless that nothing will be done,” Hon Thomas Tayebwa said