Stop Calling Yourself Mrs. Lwasa – Lwasa Embarrasses Spark TV’s Precious Remmie Live On Air | VIDEO

Remmy P

Skirt-loving tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi is known for bonking top city celebs ranging from Desire Luzinda, Dianah Nabatanzi and he has been linked with other city slay queens.

As word started making round on social media that the flamboyant tycoon was juggling Dianah Nabatanzi with Spark TV’s Remma Nakitto aka Precious Remmie, her workmate, Gabbie Ntaate decided to call Lwasa live on air to settle the rumour.

Remmy P

Through a phone interview, Lwasa asked Remmie why she called herself ‘Mrs Lwasa’ on her social media platforms. 

Lwasa with Desire

“when you posted on your social media pages saying that the one and only Mrs Lwasa, you meant me or another Lwasa from Gulu” he asked. 

Embarrassed Remmie P was lip dumb and only kept asking if she has ever made such a post on her pages. 

“Sir did you see that it was me who posted that I’m Mrs Lwasa? Was it on my page that the one and only Mrs Lwasa?,” Embarrassed Remmie P responded to Lwasa.

Lwasa ended the phone call by warning the Spark TV gossip queens to leave him alone.

Watch video below:
Lwasa Embarasses Remy P live on air