Stingy Abitex speaks about the largest money he has ever given a lady

July 31, 2023

Events promoter and president of all Ugandan promoters Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex has revealed the biggest amount of money he has ever given a lady.

Abitex is a father of five children from four different mothers. In all those women he has ever been married to just one of them.

He said the marriage wasn’t easy and he can’t see himself dealing with it ever again in his life.

Outspoken Abitex said he has had so many women in his life. Most of them come to him thinking he has so much money and he will be able to give it out to them.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any much money he has ever given to any lady. Those that are fortunate and get pregnant kind of benefit from his as the father.

But those that want to just be with him, the one who got so much money received UGX200shs. He said the usually gives them 20k and 50k.

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According to Abitex, he has struggled with life and he doesn’t want ladies to think that things come on a silver plate. He struggles for everything he has.

“I have worked hard to get where I am right now so I don’t expect any one to come out and tell me to give them money. Ladies usually think I have money and I can give it. But the largest amount I have given to a lady is UGX200k,” Abitex said