I will fail with you – Alien Skin tells Abitex

July 15, 2023

Trending singer Alien Skin has assured events promoter and his manager Abbey Musinguzi aka Abitex that they will have to fail together.

He made this statement following the warnings that have been given to him by different people saying he is not going to be on top of his career for so long.

Alien Skin started trending when he was slapped by one of the Mayanja brothers Pallaso last month.

It was a blessing in disguise for him because after acting cool and not putting up with Pallaso he gained more sympathy from fans.

From their he started trending and he has used the opportunity very well bt releasing more music and even making more money by attending different concerts across Uganda.

There have been artistes like Ronald Alimpa who also trended but later faded away and fans forgot about him.

So people have kept on warning Alien Skin and he looks unborthered just enjoying his good time in the moment.

According to Alien Skin, he is not scared if anything and he is ready for whatever comes his way.

He said the one thing he is sure of us that once he fails he will have to fail with some people like Abitex.

Abitex is one of the people that has been behind his career and has pushed him to do better especially when it comes to the money he charges.

“I want Abitex to know that if I am to fail, I am going to fail with him. I am not scare of whatever is coming my way,” Alien Skin said