Kataleya and Kandle reveal the work they did before joining music industry

July 31, 2023

The famous duo Kataleya and Kandle have revealed the kind of work they did before they joined the music industry.

These two female musicians are friends and they met through one mutual friend who had a birthday party.

After finding out what they have in common, they decide to stay best friends not until in 2021 when they decided to officially persue their dreams.

Being best friends and loving to sing z they said they were always writing music and miming other musicians songs.

The fact that they had just finished university, they didn’t even have enough money to start singing like recording songs in studios.

As they were hustling doing other things, they finally got someone who believed in them and decided to invest some good money in their talents.

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Before that, fans have always wondered what exactly Kataleya and Kandle were doing.

According to the duo, they were selling clothes in the market. They said they have always loved fashion themselves.

“Before we entered the music industry we used to sell clothes. We have always loved fashion that is why up to now in everything we do, we make sure fashion is inclusive,” Kataleya and Kandle