Spice Diana reveals when she will have children

August 1, 2023

Source management songstress Namukwaya Hajjara aka Spice Diana has revealed when she will be able to have children.

She said fans should stop pressurizing her because her right time has not yet come although she feels it not far from now.

Spice Diana is not married and she has been living a private life when it comes to her relationships.

She has never posted or even talked about the man she is in love with. Fans have always anticipated the men she is close with and her manager Roger inclusive.

In Uganda, a few female musicians have given birth. Most of them fear saying once they get pregnant, they don’t her time to concertrate on the music like they have been doing.

Early this year Karole Kasita gave birth to her first child and Spice Diana looked to have been inspired.

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She however said she doesn’t think this is the time for her to really give birth because her career is at its peak and she wouldn’t want to ruin it.

Spice Diana asserts that she will have children at the right time when she feels ready.

Additionally, she provides a heartfelt explanation for her choice to extend a helping hand to less fortunate children.

“I love children and I have always loved them but I am ready to have my own. People have been asking me about giving birth but I will do that when the right time comes but not now,” Spice Diana said