Pallaso promises to fill up Lugogo Cricket Oval in upcoming concert

May 25, 2023

Singer Pius Mayanja known by his stage name Pallaso has vowed to fill up Lugogo Cricket Oval in the upcoming concert.

He named his concert ‘Love Fest’ despite the hate he got from different promoters who refused to support him.

Pallaso is having a concert after three years of good music non stop. He started making hit songs during Covid19 lockdown and he didn’t stop.

By the time the lockdown was shifted and musicians allowed to perform again, he was one of the most expensive artistes.

Unfortunately he clashed with some promoters who said he is too expensive for nothing.

As Pallaso was organizing his concert, he didn’t include promoters. He said they look him down and it is time he organizes his own concert with the help of his brothers.

The brothers Jose Chameleon and Weasel Manizo are fully supporting him and he is so positive that he will fill up Lugogo Cricket Oval.

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According to Pallaso, he believes he has loyal fans and for these years he has given them good music, he knows they will not let him down.

He said he is going to make history and promoters who refused to support him will be surprised.

“I am very sure I am going to fill up Lugogo Cricket Oval. I know my fans and I know how much they love me. They will attend in large numbers,” Pallaso said