Sheilah Gashumba Returns To God’s Plan’s Bed A day After Ending Relationship – WATCH VIDEO

February 25, 2020

On Friday night Marcus Ali Ssempija Lwanga aka God’s Plan was arrested and detained at Jinja Road Police post after thumping girlfriend Sheila Gashumba after he found her tampering with his phone.

The pair went ahead and deleted each other’s photos on instagram and the followers thought that was the end of their two-year romance.

God’s Plan went ahead and changed Instagram handle from God’s Plan to God’s Able.

Yesterday evening, God’s Plan shared a video of himself in a car with Sheilah Gashumba holding his arm, appearing to be drunk in love. He captioned it; “Hater Rest In Peace.

God’s Plan with Sheilah

We can’t confirm the two love birds are back together because there have also been rumors that Sheilah Gashumba entirely runs the God’s Plan (now Marcus Ssempija) Instagram account and that she just wanted to make everything believable.

The truth might never be revealed until sheilah comes out to reveal her side of the story but we really hope she is fine.

Time will tell.