Kojja Kitonsa Blasts Ex-Lover, Grace Khan After Accusing Him Of Conning Her 3M – LISTEN TO AUDIO

February 25, 2020

Kojja Kitonsa says he regrets the day he met former lover, Grace Khan and has labeled her mannerless.

In January, Kojja Kitonsa dumped singer, Grace Khan and returned back to his wife after the intervention of family members and Sheikhs.

One month after the separation, Grace Khan has come out and accused Kojja Kitonsa of conning her Shs.3m.

Kitonsa hit back and revealed that Grace Khan lacks manners and likes waging wars on people. He said he tried to shape her but all efforts proved futile.

Kitonsa also shared a sad story of how Grace Khan started attacking his wife yet he never asked her to be a second wife.

Click on the link below to listen to Kitonsa’s story: