ON VERGE OF COLLAPSE! Frustrated Carol Nantongo, Follows Maureen Natume, Quits Golden Band

February 25, 2020

Golden Band is on the verge of collapse!

Carol Nantongo has quit the band to look for better deals to support her family.

Nantongo’s departure comes two months after Maureen Natume also threw in a towel

Through her Facebook post, Nantongo says she mande a decision to quit the band after seeing the band directors switching focus to businesses leaving junior members helpless.

She also revealed that what she has been earning from Golden band couldn’t help her meet her basic needs and she is the one taking care of her family.

She also accused Golden Band directors of sabotaging her gigs by lying to music promoters.

Nantongo has decided to go solo and will be managed by  KT Events of Musa Kavuma.

Carol Nantongo

Carol Nantongo has been a member of Golden Band together with; Mesach Semakula, Grace Sekamatte, Catherine Kusasira and Fred Seruga among others.

It should be remembered that Ronald Mayinja quit Golden Band few months ago, Hajjat Stecia Mayanja quit in September 2018 and Maureen Nantume quit the band in December 2019.
Golden Band was formed in 2014 after the split of the original Eagles Production.

Mesach Semakula, Ronald Mayinja, Maureen Nantume, Stecia Mayanja, Grace Sekamatte, Catherine Kusasira, Fred Seruga and others formed Golden Band while Geoffrey Lutaaya and his wife Irene Namatovu formed Da New Eagles.

Read Carol Nantongo’s Statement below:

Bye bye Golden Band-
It’s heartbreaking and hard for me to leave a family behind to move a solo music journey…
Five (5) years ago, I joined Golden Band, just like any beginner i was totally green about the whole music industry little did i know that Nsika my first record would give me a humble introduction to u my fans, thanks to KT Promotions who opened doors for me and believed in my every effort. With Golden Band, we traversed different parts of the world including UK! Oh my God with real experience meeting people of different stature. Golden band has natured me from no one to the Golden Star, it’s my second family and yes, it has been a great family. many of you got to know about me from here and all I look at is a result of your continuous support. The Director’s significant role in my music carrier is commendable, but to my surprise, once a great family started reducing to almost none, Directors opted for better business investments and some members relocated to UK and USA respectively. Then the wave of politics couldn’t save us either, I was like in the middle of the lake in a canoe! the demands on my side increased yet the group wasn’t currying out the routine concerts like it used to be, my mum the family that entirely depend on me because am the bread winner. I personally have to push my currier to the level where you want me to be, I had to painfully take a decision to go solo. It’s official my fans I am now a solo artist from the time you are reading this post. I will be available for Golden band as a guest artist but for now, I have to move on, some promoters could not book in simply because, they think the Band is keeping me busy yet the reverse is true, it’s not easy to say bye-bye to your family but I have no choice. It took me some time to brave and write this post but I thank God it’s finally here. There no definite words that can describe the love support and care the Golden Band Directors showed to me, I can’t pay you but to pray so that God blesses you. The good thing is that, am still under the guidance and management of KT Promotions
I want to thank you my fans for the great love and support during my stay with Golden band, I implore you please to still do the same, with the solo act I need you more than ever before, I will be more available for you, so let’s do business. My family. TCN thnx for the endless support, let’s do this more, The media, TVS, Radio print media, bloggers and social media friends, may the good Lord God bless you. I call upon you to journey this next solo path with me. I am sure with you the sky iz the limit🙏🙏🙏
Thank you.