Sheilah Gashumba, Former NTV Workers’ War Turn Ugly, Lots Of Dirty Secrets Spilled

May 12, 2020

When Sheilah Gashumba took to Twitter and exposed NTV for paying workers peanuts, Former ‘Login’ presenter, Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti jumped on her and started spilling her dirty past.

Robin Kisti said Sheilah is not appreciative and claims took long to realise that she had no value at NTV. She also said Sheila bribed her way onto NTV ‘The Beat’ show and insisted she doesn’t have talent.

Robin Kisti




Kisti who was sacked from NTV in 2014 claims she used to smoke weed with Sheilah and accused her of bedding men at an early age.

As the war of words escalated, other former NTV workers joined in; some backing Sheilah, others bashing her.

In the leaked snapchat screen shots, unidentified former NTV worker says Sheilah aborted several times, claims her former South African boyfriend, Scarface was HIV positive. He also claims Sheilah is also on ARVs.




The unmasked former co-worker also accuses Sheilah of being cheap claiming that most upcoming artistes have viewed her eclipse and claims her boyfriend God’s Plan allows her to sleep with men to get money.

Read the screenshots below: