I Planted A Camera And Watched Everything – Girlfriend Accuses Chozen Blood Of Cheating On Her With City Slay Queen – LISTEN TO AUDIO

May 12, 2020

Since Chozen Blood and Winnie Nwagi recorded a collaboration song, ‘Yitayo’, the pair have been inseparable.

Rumours started circulating that they were bonking which Nwagi recently denied and accused the media of spreading false information and said they are the reason as to why she is still single.

Today an audio of Chozen Blood’s girlfriend has leaked and she is accusing un identified babe of ruining her relationship with the singer.




The unidentified babe is heard telling a one ‘Shafiq’ that she doesn’t know what the babe gave Chozen and claims she must have bewitched him.

She says she planted a camera in their apartment in Kololo and watched everything. She threatens she can destroy Chozen’s career.




“Why does he superglue himself on her, may be she bewitched him. But Shafiq you will never get some who loves you people like me, I have done everything for Chozen, Everything, everything he wanted. Our relationship was fine until that woman came into our life. I don’t know what she is giving Chozen but Chozen has really changed. In those apartments in Kololo i planted a camera and saw everything, i can do anything to Chozen to destroy his career”, Hurt girlfriend says in leaked audio.

Listen to audio below: