Bajjo exposed by baby mama Nash Glow, all bedroom secrets revealed

September 25, 2023

Events promoter Bajjo Events real name Mukasa Andrew Alfonso has been exposed by one of his baby mamas Nash Glow.

All the bedroom secrets were revealed to the public despite the five year old son they are having.

Nash Glow came out to the media saying Bajjo got her pregnant and has never looked after their child.

Instead he comes to her asking to be helped with money for business which he actually doesn’t pay back. Once she demands her, Bajjo abuses her.

On hearing that, Bajjo immediately went live on TikTok and said he has never dated Nash Glow. She is the one that found him and wanted to be with him.

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Since she was looking good, Bajjo didn’t hestitate he went ahead to go to bed with her which resulted into pregnancy.

With Bajjo saying all this, Nash Glow also didn’t keep quiet she went ahead to speak about Bajjo some of the hidden secrets.

She talked about how he is dirty and still having a skin on his long stick. Nasj Glow revealed that that is actually the reason why they separated ways.

Here is the video;