Ssuna Ben Hits Back At Lamenting Lil Pazo

July 21, 2023
Lil Pazo (L) Ssuna Ben (R)

Lil Pazo (L) Ssuna Ben (R)

The Binyanyanyanya maestro, Ssuna Ben has hit back at Yasin Mukasa aka Lil Pazo over allegations he levelled against him yesterday.

Pazo, the one hit wonder who ruled airwaves with his hit song, Gula Emotoka told Spark TV that he helped Ssuna when he had relocated from Masaka to Kampala.

The Gula Emotoka singer lamented that when Ssuna Ben became a star, he kicked him aside.

Pazo claims Ssuna played dirty games on him and vowed to mention what the Binyanyanyanya star did to him on his death bed.

Ssuna Ben

After watching Pazo’s interview, Ssuna dismissed the allegations. The Binyanyanyanya star admitted that Lil Pazo helped and housed him when he had reached in Kampala.

However, he revealed that what Pazo did for him, he has so far returned the favour and tripled it.

Ssuna warned Pazo to stop soiling his name before asking the struggling singer to mention whatever he did to him.