SHAME: Emboozi Mu Kati Panelists, Duncan, Mawa Exchange Punches | VIDEO

June 19, 2023
Farouk Sarkozy (L), Mawa Haruna (M) Duncan Mugisha (R)

Farouk Sarkozy (L), Mawa Haruna (M) Duncan Mugisha (R)

By passers were treated with free Kung Fu show after ‘Emboozi Mu Kati’ panelists, Duncan Mugisha and Haruna Mawa exchanged fists.

YouTuber, Farouk Sekakozi aka Farouk Sarkozy moderates a weekly program on his YouTube channel, Gossip Live dubbed ‘Emboozi Mu Kati’, which features panelists, Duncan Mugisha, Haruna Mawa, David Lubowa aka Davicom and Farouk Ali.

They discuss issues ranging from entertainment, politics and much more. During debates, panelists normally engage in heated debates.

This time around, Mawa and Duncan found themselves exchanging blows following a disagreement.

After a heated exchange, Duncan threatened to walk away, Mawa told him to go, this angered Duncan and grabbed Mawa by neck.

Mawa also fought back amid cheers from by passers.