Is Momo19 getting employed at Sanyuka TV? Here is the truth

June 20, 2023
Momo 19

Momo 19

Former BBS television presenter Momo19 has left her fans confused as she hosted the morning show at Sanyuka television.

It started yesterday and she posted saying she will again host the morning show today.

It is very rare to find someone being given a chance in two consecutive days to host a shoe especially on bigger channels.

But for Momo19, it is happening and people are wondering if she is finally moving to next media or if she is helping out.

The truth is that Momo19 hasn’t moved to next media officially and at the moment she is sitting in for Precious Remmie who has taken a trip outside Uganda.

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There is no evidence that Momo19 has signed any contract from the look of things, she is just helping as she has experience hosting shows.

“Naye nga guyz thnx for watching Sanyuka TV let’s meet again Tomorrow same time 7am .
Have a good night bamikwano,” Momo19 posted.

It should be noted that Momo19 re-signed from BBS television saying she is going to concertrate on her personal businesses.

One of those businesses is to manage her husband Daxx Kartel’s music career and make sure he moves forward as an artiste.