Music Critic Jenkins Mukasa Claims Cindy Is Not Yet At Sheebah’s Level – WATCH VIDEO

March 15, 2020

On 7th March Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy made history and became the first female artiste to hold a show at Cricket Oval which saw her get mammoth crowd during ‘Boom Party’ concert.

But according to Dembe FM ‘Talk & Talk’ co-presenter, Jenkins Mukasa, Cindy is not yet at Sheebah’s level claiming she did not make money at her fully packed concert.

He claims that Cindy got about 2,500 people and that accounts for roughly UGX 50M as he compared to Sheebah who was paid US$25,000 dollars from her Africana show.

Jenkins also dared Cindy that if she thinks that she is the King of female artists as she brags, she should stage another show and see if she will get the same crowd again to prove her doubters wrong.

Jenkins Mukasa (In Green) with Kasuku and Eddie Ssendi

“We who are experienced in organizing concerts, we gauge a show from the gate collections. So do we have to say that Cindy has no debts today?

From the statistics that I got from reliable sources who are very well experienced and were in charge of the event, Cindy got a crowd of about 2,500 people. If we are to sum at UGX 20,000 for every person, she collected about UGX 50M. Remember Cricket Oval is worth UGX 25M.

Anyway, the good thing though is that she was lucky and attracted a good crowd from what I expected because of some reasons behind her music journey and success from way back when she started with CocaCola.

In fact, Cindy has not yet reached Sheebah’s level. This is because from the box office she got around UGX 3M after all the expenses. But Sheebah was paid US$25,000 from her African concert. So we gauge concerts from the box office. If you think she made money, tell her to stage another concert”, Jenkins said.