Canary Mugume elated as anonymous fan gifts him new suit

July 8, 2023

NBS television news anchor and reporter Canary Mugume is over the moon after anonymous fan gifted him a new black suit.

He posted about it on social media revealing that he is very appreciative of that person who decided to gift him from no where.

Having been on television for some years, Canary Mugume has so many people that appreciate his hard work.

However he is married, there are also ladies who would want to get close to him or even have a crush on him either way.

But this time around, the gender of the person that decided to gift him wasn’t reveale. It is because the person wanted to remain very private.

Canary Mugume has his own suit guy that dresses him. Fortunately the person that gifted him knows even that suit guy.

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Handsome Canary Mugume only saw his suit guy delivering him a black suit claiming it was ordered by unknown person who asked if to be delivered.

According to this news anchor, he appreciates so much the person that decided to gift him. He said he doesn’t take the gift for granted.

“Whoever went to my suit guy and ordered me a black suit but decided to stay anonymous, I just want to say the suit was delivered and thank you very much,” Canary Mugume tweeted.