Sanyu FM Restructuring Continues, Kasuku Tina Fierce Joins The New Team

June 14, 2020
The bloom at Sanyu FM continues to sweep all the corners as the old guard are being thrown out, bringing in new faces.
As Fatboy and his old team continue to rant and accusing Sudhir’s son, Rajiv of throwing them out like dogs, new chaps are settlings in to change the listenership of the oldest FM station in Uganda.
After Salvado taking over ‘The Breakfast Show’ from Fatboy, Urban TV ‘Scoop on Scoop’ presenter, Tina Fierce and Dembe FM’s Kasuku are set to host ‘Hot 8 at 8 Show’ which airs from Monday  to Friday.
Tinah Fierce

The artworks advertising the pair is out and are set to hit the airwaves effective tomorrow.

Sanyu restructuring started this month when the management decided to cut employees salaries by 25% due to financial difficulties as a result of Covid-19.

Most employees rejected the directive and were told to leave.