Catherine Kusasira hints on joining Parliament next term

September 5, 2023

Catherine Kusasira with president Museveni

Singer and presidential advisor Catherine Kusasira has talked about joining Parliament in next ruling term

She said Hon Ssemujju Nganda shouldn’t worry about her and the salary she gets as the presidential advisor, they will be together in coming years.

Hon Ssemujju Nganda looked not to bed happy with the salary that Catherine Kusasira and Buchaman receives.

He said the money is a lot and they do nothing so government needs to cut that money as Worl bank withdrawal from helping Uganda.

According to Kusasira, Hon Ssemujju has so many things to do for his people that voted him.

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She said she knows this MP Hon Ssemujju is jealousy of her but she will work so hard not to be in his league and he will one day find himself sitting on the same table with her.

“I know Hon Ssemujju doesn’t like me and he is just very jealousy of who I am. I think he has so many things to talk about that are developmental for his people rather than just me the presidential advisor. He should know that I am soon joining him in Parliament and we will be sitting on the same table,” Catherine Kusasira said.

It should be noted that Catherine Kusasira wanted to join the East Parliament but she didn’t get the opportunity.