Police Hunt Gravity For Thumping Frank Ntambi To Pulp

August 1, 2023
Gravity Omutujju

Gravity Omutujju

Music analyst and self proclaimed ‘Encyclopedia’, Frank Ntambi is nursing wounds after rapper Gravity Omutujju thumped and left him with a broken tooth.

Ntambi who is known as GNL Zamba disciple has been vocal of late attacking and exposing Gravity Omutujju.

In an interview with kasuku on ‘Kasuku Live’ he made claims that Gravity bewitched the guy who taught him how to rap. Mbu the guy ran mad.

Frank Ntambi

He also accused the rapper of ‘killing’ his aunt. Ntambi disclosed that her aunt was on the sick bed and when they played Gravity’s bad song, she stretched to switch off the radio and in the process, she collapsed and died.

He also told Kasuku that ‘Jenje Mukituli’ singer has a bad heart to the extent he sabotaged his brother in-law and gave up on music.

Frank Ntambi’s words did not go well with Gravity, who hunted him down and taught him unforgettable lesson.

According to sources, Gravity beat up Ntambi and left him with a broken tooth.

After being thumped, Ntambi ran to Kira Police Station and opened case of Threatening Violence and assault against Gravity Omutujju.

The police gave Ntambi, The reference number, SD: 97/31/7/2023, everywhere Ntambi sees Gravity, he can report to the nearest police station and gets arrested.

Frank Ntambi (L), Gravity Omutujju (R)