Rema Hits Back At Pia Pounds Over Claims She Sabotaged Her Music Career

April 8, 2020

Last week, Tracy Kirabo musically known as Pia Pounds went public and accused Rema of sabotaged her music career and said she will never forgive her.

In January 2018, Eddy Kenzo signed upcoming Pia pounds to his label, Big Talented Music.

He  promised to make her a star by meeting audio, video costs and promoting her music.

Kenzo signing Pia Pounds in 2018

Few months down the road, rumours started spreading like fire that Kenzo was feasting on the light soft-bodied singer, which angered Rema.

Pia Pounds came out and refuted claims but the media kept on hammering her. This forced her to quit Big Talent Music but put the blame on Rema.

Last week Pia Pounds made bold claims that Rema treated her like an enemy thinking she was sleeping with her man and blocked Kenzo from supporting her music career.

She also said she will never forgive Rema for making her life hard.

Pia Pounds

During an interview with a local media house, Rema trashed Pia Pound’s claims and insisted she treated her like a daughter and wished her the best in Big Talent Music.

Rema who is now married to Dr Hamza Sebunya said Pia Pounds has no right to comment on her and reminded her she shouldn’t have crossed the line.

“First of all, i don’t respond to cheap talk but Pia Pounds had no right to meddle with my private life and again, i was kind enough to let her stay at big talent despite of the then whirling rumors about her and kenzo” Rema said.

It should be noted that Kenzo left Rema alone in Seguku and rented a pad in Buziga. She was pictured on several occasions with Pia Pounds and Lydia Jazmine.