Grace Khan blames Kid Dee For Using Drugs as she apologizes to Mesach Semakula

August 23, 2023

Singer Grace has aplogized to legendary singer Papa Mesach Semakula for being violent at his restaurant Papa’s spot.

She blamed fellow singer Kid Dee of using drugs and claiming he is the father of her daughter yet he is not.

When Grace Khan revealed that she is pregnant, she was even clear about the father of her child.

She said the person that got her pregnant is Prince Omar a fellow singer. She kept her word despite Omar denying the pregnancy and pushing her away.

As she was still struggling to make ends as a single mother, Kid Dee showed up in the picture saying Grace Khan’s daughter looks exactly like him.

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He said the two were long time friends and he thinks he is actually Grace Khan’s baby daddy. She has been quiet about it not until they met at Papa’s spot and fought.

Amidst the drama, she has aplogized to the owner of Papa’s spot and said she will not do that again once she is at the place.

“Hello taata @Measerch Semakula It’s me your dear Daughter Grace Khan Iam here to apologize about today’s act! Taata you know me very well ihave never done anything like this regardless on how many times ihave been at your place!but since some one who has always been calling him self mu gals baby dad we met for the first time (Omuntu gwesogelangako Naye olwokuba ye anywa drugs nenjagaze Dad Kumwana wange ntabuka)Iwont go in details taata im very sorry for the act ! Hope my Sorry Gets granted!And for the customers @papas spot is not aviolat place Naye ye we Musanze Mumilembe jange ate nga nawalala wenkusanga njakukolako nga amateka ge Gaza bwegalagila agatali ga police! Until I rest in peace
Iam sorry Dad” Grace Khan posted