Real reasons why Sheebah has launched her own music label

August 17, 2023

Former Team No Sleep (TNS) singer Sheebah Kalungi has revealed reasons why she has decided to launch her own music label.

She made the big announcement today saying she has her own record labels know as Karma Music label.

Sheebah usually recers to herself as the Karma Queen. She said people have rarely believed in her but she has done a lot to show she is a hard working person.

Sheebah started as a dancer, the joined Karaoke and ended up as a real musician she is at the moment.

According to Sheebah, many people didn’t believe in her and that pushed her to the wall. She revealed that she feels bad when she sees a person like her being pushed away.

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At the moment, the reason for having her own music record label, she wants to help the talented people that are looked down on.

The karma Queen said she is on to help anyone that wants her help. As a feminist, her focus will be on a girl child. Even men will come in but they will not be as many as ladies.

“Many people did not believe in me but I believed in myself…Iam ready to support any artist who needs my help,” Sheebah Said