Ray G Shares Sad Story How They Lost 12-Days Old Baby, Malkah

December 25, 2021
Ray G and Annabell

Ray G and Annabell

On December 20th, Mbarara-based singer, Reagan Muhairwe aka Ray G and wife, Annabell Twinomugisha lost their 12-days old baby girl, Kwezi Ireembo Malkah (KIM).

On Tuesday, December 7th, TV West presenter, Annabel and Ray G welcomed Malkah – their second child in a space of 11 months. The pair welcomed their first daughter on Wednesday 13th January 2020.

As the couple were grieving, Ray G’s ex-girlfriend, Liz Akunda Namara seemed to celebrate and told ‘Omusheshe’ singer that he will cry until he leaves this world. Liz added that she will not rest until Ray G pays for wasting her time and money.

RIP baby, Kwezi Ireembo Malkah (KIM)

In her Facebook live broadcast, Liz revealed that Annabell gave birth to immature baby and failed to raise money for the incubator.

Yesterday, Ray G said they did everything possible to save their baby but God decided to take her.

20th December 2021 was the darkest of days in our family, we are still in shock and in deep pain we’ve never felt before.We did everything possible to save our baby (Malkah) but God chose to take her back 12 days after her birth. The little girl really tried her best. she was strong and she will forever be remembered as (KIM) one of us. Because of the love we felt in her presence for those Beautiful 12 Days. Thanks to everyone who gave in immense effort to save Malkah and also to those that sent and still sending positive messages, prayers and thoughts. We are feeling the love. Together we will cry our eyes out, grieve, hug, love one another harder and get through this. You keep giving us reasons to thank God for many other good things he has done and still doing for us. May the Almighty God richly Bless you. (1 Thess 5:17-18)Rest well Kwezi Ireembo Malkah (KIM)

Ray G

Ray G and Annabel are legally married after walking down the aisle on October 16th.

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