I will Not Rest Until You Pay For My Wasted Years And Money – Ex Lover Warns Ray G After Losing Baby Girl

December 21, 2021
Ray G and Annabell, Liz Akunda Namara (L)

Ray G and Annabell, Liz Akunda Namara (L)

Hours after Mbarara-based singer, Ray G and wife Annabelle lost their newly born baby girl, Liz Akunda Namara has come out to rub the salt into the wounds of the singer.

Through Facebook posts, Liz Akunda Namara seems to have unfinished business with Reagan Muhairwe aka Ray G who she accuses of dumping her for TV West presenter, Annabell Twinomugisha.

As the pair are still grieving for the loss of their newly born baby girl, Liz appears to celebrate their loss by telling Ray G that he will pay for wasting her time and money.

Ray G and Annabel with their baby

Liz says Ray G messed up the good life they had built together and ran away with Annabelll. She vowed never to rest until he pays for her years he wasted and money, adding that he will cry until he leaves this world.

In another video, Liz told netizens to stop pointing fingers at her by reminding them that they weren’t there when she was in love with Ray G.

Liz blasting Ray G’s fans
Liz Akunda Namara

In other other posts she wrote, “Remember time is everything”. Adding, “Karma strikes when you least expect”.

Liz’s posts

We have been told that Liz funded Ray G when he was still struggling to make a music breakthrough. After landing Annabell who had connections on TV West where she works, ‘Omusheshe’ hitmaker dumped Liz.

The heartbroken Liz could not afford the humiliation, she relocated from Mbarara to Dubai where is doing Kyeyo.