Rahma Pinky on how she escaped forced marriage at 17 years

March 7, 2023

Former Team No Sleep artistes Rahma Pinky had revealed the story of how he survived forced marriage by parents at the age of 17 years.

Before Rahma Pinky became very famous, she was a struggling artistes who was still schooling.

As she finished her form six, her parents got her an old man who was willing to marry her off and take her to the United States of America to have better education.

But with the education and understanding Rahma Pinky had, she wasn’t ready to get married although she wanted an opportunity to go to the USA.

According to Rahma Pinky, she had to look for a way to hide from the forced marriage or even run away.

She said the only way she would do it was drink so much alcohol the night before she was married off so that the party couldn’t go on.

And that’s what she did but it didn’t work out until she decided to completely run away from the man as the party was going on.

According to Rahma Pinky, she hadn’t become intimate with the man although they were pushing her to do it.

“Engeri nti nali saagala kufumbirwa musajja oyo nanywa omwenge mungi ne nzirika kale olunaku Iw’okwanjula nazuukuka ku kitanda nga nina drip, make up ne buli kimu kyakolebwa okuva awo kale bwe twatuuka ku mukolo oluvannyuma Iw’okufuna amahare gange nadduka okumala emyezi ebiri,” Rahma Pinky