Producer Didi speaks about being signed under Eddy Kenzo’s management

July 14, 2023

Eddy Kenzo

Struggling and faded music producer Didi has spoken about being singed under Grammy nominee Eddy Kenzo’s management.

Eddy Kenzo has his own record label which is Big Talent and it is the same management that takes on his career and talent.

It doesn’t have famous musicians signed on to it at the moment although there are some musicians like Pia Pounds who left it and now are famous.

Didi is one of the producers that ushered Eddy Kenzo to fame and now that he is no longer working, he needs someone to help him.

Eddy Kenzo being successful people would think he can’t forget the people that helped him to get on top of his game.

He was recently spotted with Didi that’s why there has been rumor that he might have signed him on to his record label.

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According to Didi, he was just having a good time with Eddy Kenzo and they were just catching up on what they have missed about each other.

He said he hasn’t been signed and he doesn’t think he will be signed any time soon.

“I am not signed by Eddy Kenzo on his record label and I don’t know why people have been spreading that false rumors. I met Eddy Kenzo but we didn’t talk about the signing or anything. We were just having fun like friends who missed each other,” Producer Didi said