Prince Omar Replaces Grace Khan With New Babe (VIDEO)

May 20, 2024

Struggling singer Prince Omar has replaced fellow singer and baby mama Grace Khan with a new babe.

He posts a video of themselves together having a good time which left fans contemplating on who she is and what kind of work she does.

Prince Omar and Grace Khan never made their relationship public. People got to know about them when they had a child who the singer first denied being a father to.

Although they worked so hard to make their relationship work and raise their daughter together, it ended up not working in any way.

Few days into their relationship, there was so much drama that involved the parents of Prince Omar not liking Grace Khan and telling their son not to her involved with her.

Grace Khan To Die For Jovan Luzinda’s Love 

At the moment Prince Omar seemed to have gone to look for real love and enjoy himself to the fullest and guy of his age.

The video he posted about on social shows love, romance and other things that are more than friendship.

The face of the lady wasn’t showed on social media. We can’t tell who she is and if she is known by the public.