Nina Roz Speaks Out On Her Pregnancy With Daddy Andre | VIDEO

July 19, 2023
Nina Roz and daddy Andre

Nina Roz and daddy Andre

Singer, Kakunda Rose also known as Nina Roz has spoken about rumoured pregnancy with husband, Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre.

Nina Roz and Daddy Andre got married in 2021 but their relationship ended as soon as it had started.

They didn’t give a clear reason why they called it quits on their relationship but by then Daddy Andre had so many issues.

He had just broken up with Angella Katatumba who was all over the media talking about him. And there were other girls who had accused him of illegal fishing.

When Daddy Andre and Nina Roz did a kukyala ceremony, social media users said they were so quick because Nina Roz was pregnant.

Even by then she looked to have gained some weight which is one of the characteristics of pregnant women.

But Nina Roz never gave birth of which people concluded that she must have exterminated it because there is no way the pregnancy just disappeared.

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According to Nina Roz, she is not a murderer and she couldn’t wake up at one point thinking she killed someone.

The singer said she has never been pregnant. Nina Roz revealed that once she gets pregnant, her fans will have to know from the get go.

“I don’t like it whenv people are their thinking I am a murderer that I aborted Daddy Andre’s child. Truth be told I have never been pregnant and once I become pregnant my fans will have to know from the beginning,” Nina Roz said