Eddy Kenzo on why he wants to keep his family private forever

February 12, 2024

Grammy nominee famous singer Edirisa Musuuza also known as Eddy Kenzo has revealed why he wants to keep his family private forever.

He said he has learnt that people can be extremely harsh and not everyone wishes the the other good.

Eddy Kenzo came out over the weekend and revealed that he was a married man and he had welcomed a third child a baby boy.

The singer said he has been with his wife for some time but he decided to keep her away from the media because of what he went through his previous relationship.

Eddy Kenzo also said his son will not be known because he has seen the older two daughters struggle at school because he is a celebrity.

He said the eldest daughter told him she cJr concentrate, fellow children are always surrounding her asking about celebrities.

According to Eddy Kenzo, he is going to keep his family private because of the negative energy and words from People.

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He said his job is to protect his family and not let anyone disrepect his children or wife at any time.

“I will not be revealing my family to the public anytime. I have learnt it the hard way I want to keep my family safe because that is my happiness,” Eddy Kenzo said