Precious Remmie’s Bae, Raymond Still Hunting Don Zella To Harvest Her | SCREENSHOTS

November 23, 2021
Don Zella, Precious Remmie and Raymond

Don Zella, Precious Remmie and Raymond

Don Zella warned Spark TV ‘Live Wire’ co-host, Remma Nakitto aka Precious Remmie when she got engaged to Raymond Bindeeba, on October 12th.

The US-based Ugandan socialite warned Remmie that she was headed for trouble saying that, Raymond is a serial-eater who have tormented and harvested several babes.

She revealed that Raymond wanted to eat her and he has been engaged three times.

Despite all the warnings from the self proclaimed Puna vendor, Remmie went ahead with Kukyala’ ceremony that took place on October 16th.

Precious Remmie and Raymond

Almost two months after the warnings, Don Zella over the weekend posted screenshots of Raymond sending her a friend request on Facebook and claimed that the guy is still chasing her and always busy in her inbox.


Mubulamu bwensi Eno wewalanga nnyoo nyoo nyoo okuswala I told you muna kumpita nabbii nemuwakana ndowoza friend request muzilaba imagine not even a month ki bulay kinyuma munagamba edit go check yourself mwanvuma now wait for inbox and I warned you now cocktail anonya ki in my inbox sending me friend request 7 hrs ago nze siwayiliza ate sisala bigambo.

Don Zella
Screenshot from Zella

Some netizens have accused accused Zella of creating fake accounts to spark the drama but the mother of three maintains that Raymond seriously wants to harvest her.

Check screenshots:

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