Precious Remmie Introduces Raymond, Leaves Don Zella, Zahara Totto Cursing | PHOTOS

October 16, 2021
Raymond visited Precious Remmie's parents in October 2021

Raymond visited Precious Remmie's parents in October 2021

Spark TV presenter, Remma Nakitto aka Precious Remmie aka Ray P has introduced fiance, Raymond Bindeeba to her parents this afternoon.

Raymond who resides in the USA proposed to Precious Remmie on October 12th leaving netizens in shock. Those who are close to Remmie knew some other fellas and never expected her to get engaged to Raymond.

Hours after the engagement, US-based Ugandan socialite, Nalongo Sheila Don Zella spilled the beans and revealed that Raymond is a serial injector.

She said that at one point Raymond wanted to eat her has has been engaged three times. Don Zella also revealed that his first fiancee is pregnant and expecting to drop the tot anytime soon.

NBS TV ‘UnCut’ gossip queen, Zahara Totto also opened the war on Raymond and claimed that the guy drives Uber in the US. She also branded him a ‘Muyaye’.

Despite all the words, Remmie continued with her mission and today, she introduced Rayond.

Check the pictures below:

Remmie introduces Raymond
Precious Remmie and Raymond
Precious Remmie introduces Raymond Bindeeba