Precious Remmie Unbothered By Witchcraft Targetted To Her Pregnancy, Says She Is Protected

February 12, 2024

Actress and media personality Precious Remmie is unbothered by witchcraft targetted to her pregnancy.

She said she is protected by Allah and nothing bad will happen to her or her unborn baby.

Precious Remmie announced that she was expecting yesterday on her social media platforms. She posted multiple photos of her baby bump looking so happy.

Some people were happy for him while the others had negative comments about her pregnancy announcement.

According to Precious Remmie she has received messages from different people telling her to hide her pregnancy.

She said those are witches who are telling her what and what not to do when it comes to her pregnancy.

Precious Remmie said she is a muslim woman and she believes that Allah is always on her side protecting her.

She said she knows she is going to be okay and her unborn child will be healthy by the time she gives birth.

“Ba hide your pregnancy munzijeko obulogo nobushiriku 😂😂Me as a Muslim believe that no power can over power Allahs powers,He blessed me with this baby and am sure He will protect it🙏Now 2024 is already a blessing to the Bindeeba family,thanks to you all that prayead for me,” Precious Remmie said.