MC Richie Coils His Tail, Runs Back To Don Zella

January 2, 2023
MC Richie with Don Zella

MC Richie with Don Zella

Netherlands-based blogger, MC Richie coiled his tail, apologised and ran back to Don Zella after a year not seeing face to face.

Following over 10 years without stepping in Uganda, MC Richie finally jetted in Uganda in December 2021, teamed up with Tamale Mirundi Jr, who was by then dating Don Zella.

MC Richie was not doing well financially and tried thought the likes of SK Mbuga, Sipapa would bail him out. Unfortunately, they left him hanging and decided to tie himself on Don Zella.

When he returned to Netherlands, war broke out between him and Tamale Mirundi Jr. Junior revealed that Richie was too broke and that he borrowed 50k from him and never paid back.

Tamale Mirundi Junior and MC Richie

He also exposed him that the plot of land he showed off belonged to Don Zella. Trying to defuse the talk, MC Richie said that land wasn’t Don Zella’s which angered the US-based socialite.

She exposed him how he used to bring friends, take drinks and leave her with a huge bill. MC Richie teamed up with Don Zella’s nemesis Sarah Joy Bakanansa and started blasting Zella.

When Full Figure attacked Don Zella and Mirundi Jr, they accused Juliet Zawedde of paying her to abuse them. A year apart and trading hot words, finally Richie coiled his tail and returned to Don Zella.

Don Zella splashed $30000 on business class to fly her family and a dog from the US to Uganda for the festive season. As an opportunist, Richie had to get close because he knew Don Zella has money.

Yesterday, he posted a photo of himself with Zella on social media with a caption “Me and Don Zella are good”.

MC Richie’s post

We don’t how MC Richie’s sponsor, Juliet Zawedde is feeling about this but the likes of Senga Acid and Sarajoy Bakanansa are not happy with Baby Ferrari’s move.

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