Pr. Augustine Yiga’s Revival Christian Church Land To Be Auctioned

July 10, 2022

The Late Pr. Augustine Yiga (Red), Pr. Andrew Jjengo (White)

Revival Christian Church’s land in Kawala is on the verge of being actioned after money lender obtained court order to secure back his money, according to The Investigator news.

When Pr. Augustine Yiga aka Abizzaayo passed on in October 2020, Kayinda Ssemakula ran to court. Ssemakula says Yiga died without paying off a debt totaling to UGX150M.

It is said Yiga secured the loan to operate his ABC TV station, as well as a Radio Station and had put the land on which Revival Christian Church stands as collateral security.

Revival christian Church – Kawaala

After passing on, his own son, Andrew Jjengo inherited the Church as part of the family estate meaning the church congregation is under no legal obligation to clear the debt.

Ssemakula obtained a High Court order from Justice Juliet Hatanga, authorizing him to sell off the land on which the Church stands.

Kayinda loaned money to the person of Yiga, which is now estimated to have soared to UGX150m. The land is valued at UGX180m.

Ssemakula funds do not include the one he paid to lawyers to pursue the payment via Courts, plus the one which is supposed to be earned by Court Auctioneers.

We also hear that ABS TV was taken over by other money lenders.