Andrew Kyamagero Reveals Why He Has Stopped Attending Some Concerts

February 24, 2024
Andrew Kyamagero

Andrew Kyamagero

NTV Uganda news anchor Andrew Kyamagero has revealed a reason why he stopped attending some concerts.

He said some Ugandans don’t know the value for money.

In Uganda almost every weekend there is a big concert taking place. If it is not an artistes concert, then it is an event that brings different entertainers.

Most of these concerts sell out, fans come in huge numbers and full out all the space despite the fee they charge for the concert.

According to Andrew Kyamagero, he has been a fan of concerts but at the moment he doesn’t attend most of them.

He said they usually charge a lot of money and when one gets to an event, he or she is again charged for a seat.

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Andrew Kyamagero said the Ugandan value for money is still very low and he can’t keep up with that.

The news anchor revealed that he has remained with attending atleast one event known as Roast and Rhyme.

He said atleast that one has some value for money people pay to attend the event.

“Naye Uganda concerts ,you pay 150K for a ticket and still have to pay 5k for a seat. My reasons for not attending some bivvulu. Value 4 money ,ekyali wansi. Kaninde @RoastAndRhyme yaffe.,” Andrew Kyamagero tweeted