Photos: Stella Nyanzi spends valentines day with baby daddy after 17 years of separation

February 14, 2024

Politician and poet Stella Nyanzi is spending her Valentine’s Day in a very thoughtful way with the father of her three children.

She said it is 17 years ever since they slept under one roof and that is before the twin boys were born.

Stella Nyanzi is a mother of three children. She stays with all her children in German where they settled.

Last year her children contacted their father who had never been in their life. He met them in absence of their mother but they were happy that he was around.

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Stella Nyanzi said she was happy that the children had got to meet their father and she was excited of the relationship they were about to have.

Months later, Stella updated her followers that the father of her children had come to spend more time with the children.

She said they are not back together romantically they are just friends for the sake of the children and to have a good relationship with them.

“Wonders never cease to happen! My children’s dad came home for this Valentine week. He arrived yesterday with goodies for his children. Although much older than the last time we met, he still has it. Last night, was the first night in seventeen years for all the five of us to sleep under one roof. Although he slept alone in the sitting room, this was the best night ever. Daddy Ous, Mama Stella, our twin sons and daughter were all together. Happy Valentine’s Day,”

Here are the photos