You will not expose Gov’t on the expense of a good cause of the industry – Ykee Benda tells Bobi Wine

February 1, 2024

Singer Ykee Benda real name Tugume Wycliffe has asked Bobi Wine to stop using the industry to expose the government.

He said he knows the job of the opposition is expose the government but Bobi Wine is doing it the wrong way.

Bobi Wine has been so hard on artistes calling them beggars because they are asking help from government.

According to Ykee Benda, it is true that artistes need help and they deserve the help because they work hard for whatever they want.

Ykee Benda said artistes are also like other Ugandans who they budget for and give money to start up businesses for their future.

He is not the only one who has complained about Bobi Wine, sinners like Eddy Kenzo and Gravity Omutujju have also complained about him.

Gravitty Omutujju keeps pushing Bobi Wine to build a hospital, suggests name for it

They are always saying he is not serving as a good example like the leaders are supposed to be doing.

There exists about 30,000 saccos in Uganda With over 7m members

Eg : mukono -kayunga teachers Sacco, Masaka Teachers Sacco ,Masaka Elders Sacco, Lukaaya Sacco,Mazima bwebugaga sacco….just to mention a few .

As of financial year 2023/24 look at the money the government passed to go to the different Emyooga, saccos and to the parish development Model, (1.17 trillion uganda shillings )

This money is going to citizens, to enable them get cheap loans and grow themselves in groups and individuals…. Information is power my people

Toleka muntu kutegelera…..No more lies !
We are citizens and for once we asking for collective support not the usual individual handouts to supporters of the regime ….i know the job of opposition is to expose the government but no sir not at the expense of a good cause of the industry