NUP Supporters Defy Segregative Patricia Sewungu, Lumbye’s Progaganda To Unfollow Spice Diana

April 5, 2023
Spice Diana

Spice Diana

NUP/People Power supporters defied Lumbuye and Patricia Sewungu’s propaganda to unfollow and boycott Spice Diana.

On Monday, Patricia Sewungu posted a video of Spice Diana promoting Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s event – Boarder Opening Thanks Giving ‘Rukundo Egumeho’ that will take place on April 19 at Kigezi high School Playground Lower – Kabale.

Patricia labeled Spice a snake, urged NUP supporters across the World to boycott her and vowed to deal with her until she falls to zero.

Boycott bilungo, your either with us or against us …people of Kigezi we expect you to do what people of London did , boycott the drunken monkey. Kanno ka Spice Diana okuva wekatta omuntu kafukila ddala kalogo…Kati kanno kajako ngalo paka nga kagudde .Anyone atembeta the drunken monkey is our enemy.

Patricia Sewungu
Fred Lumbuye

Spice is a renowned supporter of People Power/NUP and her recent concluded concert at Cricket Oval – Lugogo was promoted by Bobi Wine.

The ‘Bilungo’ singer is also close to Bobi’s wife, Barbie Itungo and call them sisters.

During NUP’s mission to retreat suffering Ugandans from the UAE, she donated 3m.

As usual, the NUP supporters are known for segregating those who support the regime and Patricia thought this would affect Spice Diana.

However, Netizens defied her move and have not unfollowed Bilungo as she expected.

Before propaganda messages, Spice Diana had 2m followers, as we speak she still has the same number.

It should be noted that When Ashburg Katto quit NUP, People Power supporters unfollowed him on his social media pages, leaving him on the ground.